Friday, 31 October 2008


Make Money With Affiliate Programs: Secret Method to Make Huge Money With Affiliate Programs

If you want to make money with affiliate programs, then you’re going to find the secret I’m sharing in this article to be very profitable. Although you can make money with affiliate programs sending purely promotional emails, this one strategy could make you at least 3 times of what you stand to earn.

Here’s the secret. Before promoting the affiliate product in your email, give them a free branded report. You could ask the product vendors or merchants if they have any report you can brand with your affiliate link; if not, ask their permission to compile their articles into a short e-book.

Give your subscribers the report first, then below that you could promote the related product. This is a powerful way to make money with affiliate programs because you're giving them something for free - with no strings attached whether they buy the actual product or not. This uses the law of reciprocity and is very effective.

At the same time, the report might go viral and they will buy the product if it's truly helpful. If they didn’t buy immediately, they could order in the future because they'll come back to read the report any time in the coming days. (This doesn't happen very often with emails.)

But you could take this strategy one step further and make a lot more money with affiliate programs. Ask the merchants if they can give your subscribers an exclusive, time-sensitive discount. I often do that when joint venturing with other marketers because my subscribers are much more responsive to time-limited, special offers. The law of scarcity really works!

You may have lost a certain commission amount per sale, but the quantity of the orders multiplies significantly! So this could help you make more money with affiliate programs in the process. This works for my list, and I’m confident it will work for your list too. The key is to always test, test, and test.

So to recap, give a free report first, then present your time-sensitive special offer after that. (Yes, this is in one email). By using this strategy, I’m confident you will surely make money with affiliate programs.

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Joint Venture Requirements Experienced Marketers!

What can you expect from the Joint Venture Seeker Course? The first thing that strikes me is that this course is put together with the newbie marketer in mind, now that's not to say that the more experienced marketer cannot benefit, but it is designed to make what may appear a complicated subject easy to understand. Liz Toomey designed this course purely from her extensive experience and this shows in the content that Liz has put together. The inspiration however was Liz's first ever joint venture in which she made $37,000 from her first product, this allowed both herself and husband Jamie to stay at home and provide a secure future for themselves and family. So what is included in the content? You have a series of no fluff videos containing over 2 hours of valued video content showing the steps to running a successful joint venture through A to Z. So there is no 200 to 300 page e-book to scroll through here. To accompany the videos you have three work books that keep you on track in completing the processes involved.
Liz also includes interviews with 8 of her joint venture partners, and for those who don't like listening to audio interview the interview transcripts are also included or go to

Liz also offers some valuable bonuses, which outline how to benefit from joint ventures even if you have no list or product of your own and how you can leverage the efforts of java partners to help create your product. Within the download area you also get free access to the joint venture seeker network and are given guidance on how to get the maximum benefit from this resource. By this time you may be wondering what the downside to this course is! To be honest I have struggled to find a downside and I suppose normally when you are reviewing a course of this nature price is one area that will always concern a potential buyer, so let’s review this now you can visit Given that you are receiving 10 videos all with good valued content I think a reasonable price point for this course based upon recent video course offerings and including the value of the subject matter would be $97, and if you were going to attend a seminar it could cost you $500 and more so I don't think $47 is a major disadvantage here! In summary this course is ideal for the following: In my opinion both newbie marketers and the more experienced marketer who has not been privy to the benefits of Joint Ventures can benefit from this course. A major benefit to all of this is the misconception that only the successful marketer with a big list and product creation experience can benefit from Joint Ventures. Liz proves with her course that even the most inexperienced marketer without a list or product can still gain significant advantage from seeking and gaining joint venture partners.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Article Marketing A Guide to Promote Your Site

The concept of article marketing is not new. Whether it has to do with printing of yesteryear or todays online business, its purpose is still the same in marketing, advertising, selling and distributing your product by getting it promoted. And do not count out offline promotion of your site using articles as a potential for more traffic to your site as this can still be a part of your marketing plan.

Articles can tell people who are looking at your site about your product or the service you deliver. By distributing your articles to directories you are making yourself known and with time more and more people and potential customers will find their way to your website.

The articles that you present to the directories should be of some value to those who will read them. They should be long enough so that they give adequate information that a potential client can use. You need to grab the readers attention, so the headline
needs to draw them in. They can not be bland with no life. They should make the person question in their mind or desire to find out what this could be that you are writing about.

There are tremendous quantities of directories for your article marketing and the more that you use the more exposure you will have and the more likelihood of traffic to your site.

Make sure your articles link back to your site and you may want to include a copyright to help stop unauthorized use of your articles. If you have enough articles you can create an eBook and sell it at low cost or give it away as a promotion. Also if you have affiliates you can send them articles to help you to promote them.

If your articles have original content and your keywords are well planned, and not over saturating your pages, then with routine actions of article marketing you should see your business continue to grow.

Do not expect it over night. Give it some time.

Recommended is finding a article content membership site to supply you with the content you need on a routine basis.

Once you have your articles then there is the magic of putting them to work. You can do it manually which will be your lifes work, which means to really do it you will spend too much time. You can purchase software that can be used to broadly distribute
your article. Or you can go to membership site who for a monthly fee will get out articles for you to large distribution lists. The best ones offer unlimited articles allowed for submission. Personally I find the membership concept the best and easiest to deal with.

Putting your website URL in the resource box is the key to getting the interest and traffic you are generating to your site and not to somewhere else.

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Sunday, 12 October 2008


How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for a way to make money online through an e-business, affiliate programs might be a great option for you. What exactly is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is simply a way for a business to sell a product or service. Affiliates sign up to market items through websites and e-stores. Affiliate programs are a great way for business to expand their consumer base and sales revenue and a great way for individuals to earn money online.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are many different types of online affiliate programs, ranging from those run by small business to large corporations. Some affiliate programs allow you to work directly with a business, while others offer a wide range of products and services from a number of different companies. Some of the best-known affiliate programs include eBay,,linkworth, LinkShare, and Commission Junction. Investigate the various types of affiliate programs before deciding which is best for your needs.

How to Join and Affiliate Program

1. Start by signing up at the affiliates you have selected. This can usually be done by visiting the affiliate program website and clicking the "Sign Up" link. In most cases, you will need to provide contact information and the URL of your website.

2. Once you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a unique affiliate ID that will allow you to earn commissions on your sales. This affiliate ID will usually be included in the URL of each product you sell, allowing the affiliate program to track your sales statistics.

3. Start marketing products on your website. Choose items that are relevant to your website topic. If your website is focused on pet products, choose a variety of pet-related items that you feel will appeal most to your viewers.

The Advantages of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer a number of unique advantages to both businesses and online marketers. By providing an affiliate programs, business gain substantial online exposure and sales by allowing others to sell their goods and services. Affiliate programs provide a significant source of income for website owners and allow websites to featured customer targeted products.

If you are looking for an online business opportunity that requires minimal hassle and few start-up expenses, affiliate programs are an excellent choice. Some of the major benefits of starting an affiliate e-business are:

* Low Start-up Costs: Most affiliate programs offer free sign-up, and some even provide a personalized website where you can sell items. In many cases, the only expense you will incur are website hosting fees, which vary depending on the size of your website. Fortunately, affiliate programs offer an excellent return on you investment.
* Low Hassle: Because you are simply selling products and services provided by another business, you don't have to deal with stock, inventory, customer service, and distribution. Your only responsibility is to market your site and sell products. The affiliate network deals with all of the tedious details.
* Fast Results: One of the greatest benefits of affiliate programs is that they allow marketers to start earning money quickly. A simple website can be set up in a matter of hours, allowing you to start selling quickly and efficiently. By marketing your website online through search engine optimization, e-marketing campaigns, and weekly newsletters, you can quickly start to make money with affiliate programs.

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Friday, 10 October 2008


Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Way for Stay-at-home Moms to Make Money From Home

For stay-at-home moms who want, or need, to earn money to help improve the family's financial situation the Internet is the perfect place to make money from home. Of all the work from home jobs for moms one of the best ways for any mom to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. To those not familiar with it, affiliate marketing involves selling products or services of other people in exchange for a commission from the sales you make. It is an easy and proven money-making enterprise.

Here are five reasons why affiliate marketing is great for stay-at-home moms:

1.) You don't need a lot of money to get started. There are tons of ways to get started making money as an affiliate marketer without spending money. Using the power of information and spreading it through articles, e-mails, forums and websites using your own affiliate links you can get the word out about the products you are promoting very quickly using FREE methods. 2.) It's a proven way to make money online. People have been making money with affiliate marketing since the Internet first got started over 15 years ago. Many people have already become successful with affiliate marketing and are earning thousands of dollars from it every single month.

3.) It is a very flexible way to make money online. Unlike a full time job, affiliate marketing doesn't require you to work 8 hours a day, five days a week. It can be done any time of the day. Moms can work at night while the children are sleeping or during the daytime when the children are at school. And it also allows Moms to be free to pick up the kids from school or attend to a child that is having trouble sleeping or is ill. You control when you work - plain and simple.

4.) Moms don't need any special equipment. Other than a computer and an internet connection, which you probably already have, you don't need any other equipment. You also don't need any special skills or a background in selling or business in order to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

5.) You don't need to spend a lot of time tending to your business. Affiliate marketing is the type of business that you can set on autopilot. Yes, at first you will have to spend a little time setting up the mechanisms that will run your affiliate marketing business, but once they are in place you'll only need to give your business a few hours of attention per week. You can work part time and make a few hundred dollars a month and supplement your family's current income or you may choose to work fulltime and earn a significant income that could give you more time with your family and eliminate your financial worries.

Ultimately, what affiliate marketing offers to Moms is the opportunity to make real money online while at the same time allowing them to spend quality time with their children and families. Flexibility and low capital to enter this business makes it an ideal money-making opportunity for Moms who don't want to start working or go back to working in an office.

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